Finally implemented proper frustum culling into Terrablox. Now, it works perfectly as intended; it knows precisely whether a chunk is inside the camera projection and I even check against the maxHeight inside a chunk, so even if you’re inside that chunk area, if you’re looking away from it’s actually visible areas if counts as outside […]

Not Colorblind

Eww! What is that?! OK, I know it isn’t pretty… I didn’t spend time prettying it up. But this is the engine running in colored block mode, as opposed to textured block mode. This is designed to create worlds like in the game; Cube World. Now, you could have achieved this with textures, and the […]

Sense Of Scale

So to show the sort of scales we can work with now I threw together a world with height set to the current max (128). So the mountains are a little grander, though I also decreased the frequency of the noise generation so they weren’t all pointy! So this world has over 134,000,000 voxel spaces, […]


So I mentioned in the previous post that this current method of generation provides some nice meandering rivers. Well, I added a blue block to actually show these areas up and this is the result: As you can see, it’s pretty neat! I also didn’t expect that cool little island cluster in the corner, but […]

Terrablox Source

So as a break from ignoring Terrablox I’ve decided to write it again from the ground up. This is my usual way of implementing real changes. Every version I’ve ever written has had vast improvements, but it quickly becomes dead weight again as I learn more. But this time, I’m coming at it with a […]

Dartmoor Finch – GMC Jam #16

The second bit of the stressy past week was the main GMC Jam. This went a little smoother and I was able to make a game that more closely resembled “finished”. I even managed to implement online highscores using¬†Scoreoid. I wan’ted to include more of a story for this game but there wasn’t time, though […]

Week Of Awesome 2

So last week I entered a game jam on GameDev.Net. It was a lot of hard hard but I’m really happy with the result. I made it with my artist friend, Francis. We had to keep a journal during the process of making our games. You can check out my journal here:¬† And you can […]