Sense of scale

Posted on 21/02/2015

So to show the sort of scales we can work with now I threw together a world with height set to the current max (128). So the mountains are a little grander, though I also decreased the frequency of the noise generation so they weren't all pointy! So this world has over 134,000,000 voxel spaces, and the reason the fps is low here, at 126-ish, is because each chunk is only 16 x 16 x 128, so there's a lot of them for the renderer to iterate through and none of them are even culled! This is an area that'll need a lot of work. Though a quick fix would be to just have bigger chunks. In fact, the new system actually allows us to join chunks together; so if you generate a bunch of them and they are frequently in view, we can join them up to cut down the number of rendered instances. In theory, we also shouldn't need to break up the chunks even if we're editing them. I'll talk more about how that will be done in another post.

I'm also now basing the generation on some fixed values, such as height of the sea floor, height of sea level and top height of the terrain. Those are just raw numbers. I'll need to alter what goes into the noise generation so the world scales up evenly and in a way that won't mess up biomes that should always remain the same, like swamps and stuff, which should always be patchy lowlands even if they're next to massive scaled up mountains.