Voxel Engine: Heightmaps (Part 2)

Posted on 02/05/2017

Last time I wrote about creating a stand-alone web app to create heightmaps. This has come along somewhat, though I keep thinking of features to add that could help the voxel engine, as well as other applications. So far it can create a new heightmap by blending any number of given heightmaps together, and the resulting data is used to also generate a colored "terrain" map.

As you can see, it's pretty neat, but there's so much more infomation we could do with. Such as shadows, both stand-alone and imposed on the terrain map. Also a normal map would be helpful for some applications. And maybe just some random details so the terrain can be used as a texture. These shouldn't be too difficult to add. It's mostly the interface that needs work, and some more detailed functionality like selecting the blend modes.

As this is using the same code as my voxel engine, we can get the same result displayed as a voxel world: