Posted on 19/02/2016

So I mentioned in the previous post that this current method of generation provides some nice meandering rivers. Well, I added a blue block to actually show these areas up and this is the result: tbsource2
As you can see, it's pretty neat! I also didn't expect that cool little island cluster in the corner, but I'll take it! (Over 33,000,000 voxel space, for those interested in progressive numbers, in this case it's about half a kilometer squared.) FPS is lower because there's over a 1000 chunks being drawn.

It'd be nice to add height below the rivers, in order to make them actually flow downhill. The problem with this would be finding the beginning or the end of a river as they are purely generated from noise. One way around it would be to just cut rivers off when they reach a certain height, then they'd flow from the sides of mountains. But this wouldn't work in all cases, as when no part of a river would reach that height, you'd have rivers that span over hills and stuff. However, that could also be fixed post-generation, when the water starts flowing it'd know it's flowing in 2 opposite directions, at that point we could bung some rocks in there and make it look like a spring.

Another idea I've had for liquids is having them completely separate from from the world's set of voxels. Which makes a bit of sense, really, but they would need to have their mesh created in a separate pass, which also might not be a bad thing. But having liquids separate from the solid world would mean we could have a whole different set of rules for it. I've been toying with the idea of having "bodies" of water, so all voxels that form a stable lake would only have 1 volume value between them... And when one voxel has to flow to another space, it actually only detracts a fraction of volume from the much larger body.

The big problem with all this talk of flowing liquids however is that the world is potentially procedural and infinite. What if we only generated half a lake, or half a river... Would it know it was only a small part of something else? One way to do it would be to make a liquid block, with no neighboring generated chunk, an endless volume block, ie; it's volume never goes down when it flows. Also, is an MC style "source" block a good idea for this, I mean, you wouldn't want a river to run dry now, would you? In this case I think it could be solved with the "bodies" idea, if a body is large enough and it's not losing too much volume at once, just assume it can't lose volume...

Not to mention what the hell I do with an ocean!

Anyway, this is all theory, but I thought it might be interesting.

And I wrote too much again! :)