About Me

My name is Jack Oatley, and I like to make stuff. I mostly enjoy programming and creating games, a hobby I started in around 2007. I was able to dedicate a lot of time to learning this practice, having dropped out of school long before in 2003.

I was very active on what was, in 2007, the YoYo Games website (later Sandbox, before it got killed off), a site where anybody could create and upload their own games. I grew in that community and became a moderator there. Soon after that, YYG said they were hiring a games programmer and I applied and got the job in 2011. So in four years, with no qualifications, I got a job in the games industry (YYG were based in Abertay University at the time, and that fact annoyed more than a few students!)

I later left YoYo Games after about 5 years there. So as of now, I'm taking my chances in the indy world, working hard and hoping to strike gold. In all my time working both professionally and independantly I've done nothing but keep learning, and that's the way I like it.

I work on all sorts of game projects such as; text-based, web, mobile, interactive fiction, small arcade/puzzle, technical (3d, voxels, etc), single/multiplayer.