Get To Da Choppa! - GMC Warmup Jam #1

Posted on 29/10/2014

So last week is all a bit of a blur, I entered two game jams! The first was meant to be a week long "warm up" to the to the main 72 hour GMC Jam. I originally thought that I could just take it easy and do it while still relaxing, I even joined up with someone I hadn't worked with before or even really knew. This someone was another GMC member called HayManMarc. The jam didn't quite work out as I expected it to; Marc and I seemed to work too well together and our game was becoming too good. Relatively speaking of course! :) We didn't manage to perfect the game as well as we envisioned, but hopefully when the Jam smoke clears we can come back to it and give it the attention it deserves. The game itself is basically a clone of an old game called "Choplifter", but with a twist: Zombies.

To read more about the game, Marc wrote up a very detailed dev blog here.

I haven't set up a page or anything for the game yet, but you can grab the jam submitted build here.